Mostar Sevdah Reunion’s Live Concert at the 1st Sarajevo Sevdah Soiree Festival, Recorded on August 17, 2023

An unforgettable evening unfolded at the enchanting Yellow Fortress in Sarajevo during Mostar Sevdah Reunion’s live concert. The event was part of the 1st Sarajevo Sevdah Soiree Festival and marked a special occasion for the band as they also celebrated the launch of their latest album, ‘Lady Sings The Balkan Blues.’

Nestled within the historical walls of Sarajevo’s iconic Yellow Fortress, this magical location provided the perfect backdrop for a night filled with the soul-stirring melodies and the unique fusion of traditional sevdah with rock, blues, jazz, and funk that has become the hallmark of Mostar Sevdah Reunion.

The concert, recorded on August 17, 2023, captured the essence of their music and showcased the band’s remarkable talent in a way that only a live performance can. It was a night when the music echoed through the centuries-old stones, uniting people from all walks of life in a shared love for the Balkan blues.